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Monday, June 04, 2007

Blog piece(s) in the Post

Jaime Fearer of Woodridge, DC, and webmistress of Stop, Blog and Roll. Washington Post photo.

Most people have seen by now the Sunday Source piece, "Blogging the Block," subtitled "It's Local Matters That Matter Most For Community Chroniclers," in the Post featuring four neighborhood blogs from around the region, including two I look at regularly, Stop, Blog and Roll, which covers Ward 5 in DC, and Just up the Pike in Montgomery County, which covers the Silver Spring area.

I had no idea that Dan Reed of JUTP is so young... he does a lot of original interviewing and writing for his blog. Clearly, the architecture-planning profession will benefit after he graduates (a few years hence), and begins working.

Now my blog is a bit too difficult to categorize for a feature such as that, being that I tend to focus on theory, systems, and structures, and the city and beyond, more than a specific neighborhood. (Neighborhoods are great for the maw of what I call the great social laboratory that DC provides to me, but my writing isn't neighborhood specific necessarily.)

The JD Land blog about development in SE-SW DC on the north side of the Anacostia River has made prime time, being excerpted in the Thursday edition of the DC Extra section of the Post.

And Frozen Tropics' Elise Bernard was the lede in a recent Express feature about H Street nightlife.

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