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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Free bike "rental" program in Tulsa

The "Bikes for health: Free to ride" article in the Tulsa World discusses a free bike rental system being created by a local health foundation to help promote exercise and active, healthy living.
Free bikes as part of a program to encourage healthy lifestyles.
ROBERT S. CROSS / Tulsa World. Pink bicycles on way. River Parks visitors will soon be able to use free bikes located at several sites as part of a program funded by the Warren Medical Research Foundation to encourage healthy lifestyles.

The Tulsa World also reported on a state-wide annual bicycle jaunt called Oklahoma FreeRide. It's similar, but on a much wider scale, to Arlington and Alexandria's recent bike ride covering 20+ miles on June 3rd. See "
FreeWheel starts today."

Again, we need to do something like this in DC, at the neighborhood level, and city-wide, and maybe like the Oklahoma riders, we need to go into and touch various points in Maryland and Virginia while doing so.
Oklahoma FreeWheel 2006 riders at rides end on the border with Kansas
Tulsa World file. Oklahoma FreeWheel 2006 riders take photos and ride past the “Welcome to Kansas” sign on the final day of FreeWheel in June 2006.
Route for the Oklahoma FreeWheel 2006
Tulsa World graphic.

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