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Monday, May 17, 2021

May is National Historic Preservation Month

-- National Historic Preservation Month 2021

This year, NTHP aims to "Tell the Full American Story" through preservation.

For the past decade or so, now organized into four pieces, I've published a series of articles on what people can do to learn about and experience historic preservation:

-- "May is Historic Preservation Month: 60 ways to celebrate | Part 1: Cultural Heritage Tourism (1-19)"
-- "May is Historic Preservation Month: 60 ways to celebrate | Part 2: Explore your community (20-36)"
-- "May is Historic Preservation Month: 60 ways to celebrate | Part 3: Learn and Get Involved (37-52)"
-- "May is Historic Preservation Month: 60 ways to celebrate | Part 4: Preservation At Home (53-60) 

It lists things like going on house tours, reading preservation plans, visiting historic theaters, commercial districts, hotels and railroad stations, riding a train or streetcar, etc. 

Like last year, there's not as much we can do in person, at least right now, because of lingering restrictions or limitations on public activities as a result of the coronavirus, which affects events like house and building tours, street festivals, etc.

Last year's post listed a bunch of virtual activities, which you can still participate in this year.  And in the comments section, I tend to add links to things that I come across after a piece has been published.

I hope by the end of the year, there will be a couple of neighborhood historic house tours that I can go on...

At the very least, we can try to read at least one book this month that's relevant to historic preservation. . This list has a lot of great recommendations (now if university libraries would just open back up to the public...).

-- "83 Best-Selling Historic Preservation Books of All Time," Book Authority

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