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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Why the #$%^&* doesn't MTA have bike racks on buses?

And the response from Mark Counselman:

MTA doesn't have bike racks on many buses because of space limitations at the bus yards. Appearantly they pack them in bumper to bumper, and the 1' in added length would mean busses wouldn't fit. I say run more busses 24 hours...Point is, something simple like bike racks on buses runs into some big logistical hurdles which no one has the willingness to fix. It's noted in our newly adopted bike plan.
Baltimore Bicycle Master PlanFrom the Baltimore Bicycle Master Plan Powerpoint presentation.
Maryland Transportation Secretary Robert L. FlanaganTransportation Secretary Robert L. Flanagan (left) talks to Ronald Epps of Reservoir Hill on the No. 13 bus during a three-hour tour that let passengers tell him what they thought of the overhaul. (Sun photo by Amy Davis) Feb 2, 2006
Capture-09-26-00002I'm a big fan of these kinds of simulations, although they needed to include one of MTA buses with bike racks. Images from the above-mentioned Powerpoint presentation.

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