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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Seattle also has a Music Promotion Initiative

From the Seattle City of Music website:

The City of Music initiative was created to celebrate and further enhance our renowned culture of music.

The music industry is at the heart and soul of our culture, and makes a huge impact on our daily lives. In 2008, music created 20,193 jobs in the region, with $2.2 billion in sales and $840 million in earnings, and generated $148 million in tax revenues in King County.

A group of music advisors to the City of Seattle decided to cement this effort, capitalize on our history, and envision a better future. From now to 2020, we see untapped potential to enhance music as an economic, educational and recreational catalyst. Our goal is simple: to create action over the next 12 years that enhances the climate for our music industry, and to propel Seattle's leadership role in music throughout the nation and the world.

The vision is organized into three categories: City of Musicians, City of Live Music, and City of Music Business.

A Music Commission was created to oversee the development and implementation of the plan and program.

-- Seattle City of Music: A vision for the future of music in Seattle (planning document)
-- Current Commission Workplan

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