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Monday, March 28, 2011

Entrepreneurship idea for local bikeways/multiuse trails

Teri Meehan, co-owner of Wash Perk, talks with Glenwood Allen, the first patron at her new cargo bike, a mobile version of her bricks-and-mortar coffeehouse. Meehan set up shop at Washington Park on Wednesday. Photo by Andy Cross, The Denver Post.

The Denver Post reports in "Cargo-bike coffee shop rolls out in Denver," about the Wash Perk coffee shop's "Coffee Bike," based on a Metrofiets Dutch-style cargo bike.

As DC's bikeways, really shared use paths, such as the Metropolitan Branch Trail and the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail develop over time, I could see the advantage of integrating commerce-type options such as cargo bike-based vending into their operations.

If I have occasion to write other bicycle/pedestrian plans, I will definitely integrate this idea. (In the Western Baltimore County plan I did, I mentioned the Trek bike parts vending machines as something to integrate into trailheads. See "Vending machines for bicycle parts" from Springwise.)

Trek Stop: Cycling Convenience
Trek Vending Machine Flickr image by Hugger Industries.

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