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Friday, March 18, 2011

Montgomery County: Mobility Planning Beyond the Purple Line presentation

This is an old presentation, from October 2006, before the November election. Effective with the November election, new relatively pro-transit Governor O'Malley put light rail back into the consideration equation for planning for the Purple Line transit line in Montgomery and Prince George's County, Maryland.

I did update the presentation a little bit in terms of images and cut some stuff, but I didn't update it significantly in terms of content. That means that the current status of Purple Line planning isn't fully reflected here, that the various bus rapid transit concepts promoted by Councilman Marc Elrich aren't included, and CaBi bicycle sharing, and Montgomery County's likely participation is not discussed either.

Nor is there any discussion of the new planning initiatives within Montgomery County in terms of intensified land development and transit, in terms of the general plan and growth policy as well as individual initiatives such as that spearheaded for the White Flint area ... or the new $60+ million parking garage at Glenmont Station, BRAC, etc.

In any case, this kind of presentation, with an extended discussion of land use planning in the context of transit and mobility planning is long overdue for Prince George's County.

One point especially would be what we might call initiating Purple Line II Planning, or extending the Purple Line from New Carrollton to Alexandria, thereby connecting the light rail to the blue line and green line southern leg within Prince George's County, as well as to Alexandria and connections to the yellow line/blue line there.
Purple Line Map  DC Metro
Sierra Club image of the Purple Line concept.

Between what we might call the first leg and the second leg of the Purple Line, Prince George's County has an opportunity to reposition its land use paradigm around transit in a manner that is almost unprecedented within the region, with the exception of DC, and amongst most suburban counties in the United States (with the exception of Montgomery County).
Montgomery County, Maryland: Mobility Planning Beyond the Purple Line

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