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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First thoughts of transit, but what about biking

In "As Gas Costs Climb, Ridership On Metrorail Is Rising," from the Miami Herald, Evelina Galangtells us that she lives 4 miles from where she works and it takes as long as one hour to get home by car. From the article:

As she sits in traffic, she can see the Metrorail trains whizzing by, but although she has taken public transportation in every major city where she has lived -- Manila, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C. -- Galang had never considered it an option in South Florida until now.

"There's a lack of trust," she says. "I've been living here for 11/2 years and I drive everywhere. In these other cities, you know it's [the train] coming, but here the perception is that you may be left stranded if a meeting or an event goes on too long."

But with gas prices on the rise and predicted to reach $5 a gallon this summer more people like Galang, who is spending about $45 every time she fills up her Honda, are reconsidering their transportation options. Metro-Dade Transit officials say the number of people boarding Metrorail trains increased by 7 percent from January 2010 to January 2011.

But biking ought to be considered a realistic option as well--she could make the trip, presuming that the right access and infrastructure is in place--in 25 minutes

Frankly, a big reason that I bike is that it gives me far more control over my time than reliance on driving or transit can provide--at least in the kinds of places I tend to make regular trips.

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