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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Internal trip capture

One of the presentations at Makeover Montgomery was by Uri Avin of Parsons Brinkerhoff. The presentation was ostensibly about the Tysons Corner revisioning and replanning effort. He made the point that some of the densities that they are proposing aren't supported by data of experiences elsewhere.

He went on to discuss various aspects of the development of centers, job capture of the various centers within metropolitan areas, relative strength, the necessity of having upper scale housing proximate to high quality jobs in order to be able to recruit businesses at particular locations, etc.

He also presented some very interesting data about trip generation in terms of the type of development and its level of walkability and proximity to transit. When the presentations are posted I will screen capture the particular slide and post it.

The basic point is that in quality mixed use settings, as much as 30% of the trips generated by new development are captured internally, they don't generate trips on the street network.

This is important in terms of assessing the impact of different forms of development on trip generation.

(This was probably the third best presentation in terms of content.)



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