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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Infrastructure investment: report/conference

Infrastructurist has a blog entry, "President's Jobs Council Says Invest in Infrastructure," on President Obama's Jobs Counciland its report, Taking Action, Building Confidence: Five Common-Sense Initiatives to Boost Jobs and Competitiveness. (Note to Jobs Council: it's really unhelpful for you to lock the document so that text can't be copied from the report)

The five initiatives:

• Invest Aggressively and Efficiently in Competitive Infrastructure and Energy
• Nurture the High-Growth Enterprises that Create New Jobs
• Launch a National Investment Initiative
• Detailed Jobs Council National Investment Initiative recommendation.
• Develop Talent to Fill Today’s Jobs and Fuel Tomorrow’s.

Separately, the Washington Post is holding a conference tomorrow, "Fixing America's Foundation: Rebuilding Transportation Infrastructure," on Infrastructure which will be live streamed. Featured speakers are Ray LaHood, Secretary of Transportation, US Department of Transportation; Rep. John Mica, Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Transportation and Infrastructure Committee; Richard Sarles, General Manager and CEO of WMATA (the DC region's main transit operator); Janet Kavinoky, chief lobbyist (not the published title) for the US Chamber of Commerce, and Lee Sandler, Group Chief Executive for Transportation, AECOM.

The Class I railroad, Norfolk Southern, is a chief sponsor of the presentation and they had a full page ad in yesterday's paper about the conference. Norfolk Southern has been pushing the concept--I happen to agree with it--that public investment in freight railroad transportation infrastructure is worthwhile as a highway congestion management and reduction strategy.

-- Washington Post Live
-- Explore Norfolk Southern

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