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Friday, June 08, 2012

EdibleDC magazine inaugural issue

Some people might remember the old EdibleChesapeake magazine, which published 4 issues/year and covered food issues in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and DC.  It closed up a few years ago. 

More recently, Flavor Magazine, not affiliated with the EdibleCommunities group, took up the banner of covering what they call the "Capital Foodshed."  I object to this term a bit, because that is an artificial focus on the end user market, which doesn't organize how food is produced and the foodways of the region.  The magazine tends to cover issues in Virginia and DC, and not so much Maryland.

Edible Blue Ridge covers Virginia, and now EdibleDC covers DC.  It was just released this past weekend, and you may be able to find copies here and there--it's distributed for free at present, and typically is available from places that advertise.

I picked up a copy at Trohv, the housewares and home furnishings store in Takoma DC.

The launch issue's content focuses on profiles of various people seen as leaders in the local food community, from restauranteurs to advocates.

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