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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Greyhound And Peter Pan Bus Lines Relocate All Washington, D.C., Service To Union Station

Photo of the DC Greyhound station entrance from Virtual Tourist.

Notions Capital calls our attention to the press release on the closing of this station and the relocation to Union Station of the bus services there.

A revitalized Union Station opened in 1988, and while there had been talk about it, the local inter-city bus terminal, located just two long blocks away from  the station, was not integrated into the new facility.

This was a topic of discussion at community planning meetings around 2000.  For whatever reason, at the time the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation didn't care too much about "unifying" into one location inter-city bus services with the other transit services present in Union Station.

It's another example of changes taking a long time to move from idea to implementation.  And of course, the best idea of all is getting it right the first time.

Relatedly, during the process of creating those "blue" wayfinding signs, I served on a committee that made recommendations for the signage in Northeast.  I said that in the appropriate places, signs needed to list "the Greyhound bus terminal" but their policy was not to list "for profit" businesses and so I had many arguments about this.  (Note that the Spy Museum is actually a for profit organization and so using the same criteria, shouldn't be listed on wayfinding signage in a direct manner.  Then again, WMATA doesn't show supermarket locations on maps either, for the same reason.)  I don't remember how this was resolved.

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