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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Toronto Transit Maintenance Workers Union promotional video

It's actually a decent ad. Not perfect. But still pretty good. I can't imagine seeing an equivalently decent video done by the local transit unions in the Washington region, or the transit operators either, for that matter. See "Toronto transit union seeks to build public support with new ad" from the Toronto Globe and Mail.

From the article:

... a publicity campaign aimed at building public support for the workers. The video, which currently has more than 100,000 hits on Youtube, will also be shown in cinemas starting this week. In addition, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 is putting up placards around the system, launching a website – – and running draws for free Metropasses.

“Our maintenance workers are the biggest secret in Toronto,” union president Bob Kinnear said Tuesday. “We have people out there working every night, and people don’t know that.”

The 3,500 maintenance employees include cleaning staff, mechanics and crews that fix streetcar track. Their jobs can be deadly at times: last month, 49-year-old Peter Pavlovski was hit by a train and killed while working in a subway tunnel.

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