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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Urbanity and weddings/engagement photos

Streetsblog has a funny piece, "Here’s Why No One Shoots Engagement Photos in the Suburbs."  The headline is self-explanatory.

This comes to mind because on Friday, I shot this photo at Union Square in New York City. There is a restaurant facility there--using a building that had once been a parks department office--which can also be rented for special events.

I framed the photo so you can't see the cacophony of the Greenmarket in what would be the foreground.

As Adrian Benepe, former parks commissioner in NYC, said: such a facility brings more activity to the park, provides jobs, etc.

I guess it's customary for some wedding parties to go around DC and have photos taken in front of various monuments.

I got this photo a number of years ago in the vicinity of the US Capitol--a party preparing for their photo.  I had somewhere to go, so I didn't follow them to their final photo.
Wedding party, Union Station Plaza (between D St. NE and the U.S. Capitol)


At 11:13 PM, Blogger Christopher1974 said...

I guess when you have DC as a potential backdrop that kind of makes sense. But all the wedding photos from the last wedding I went to in DC were taken in the suburbs. Admittedly that location was River Farm. Previous examples have been at suburban parks. It's a lot of extra work and cost to get a wedding party to a a monumental location. The big location in NYC is Brooklyn Bridge Park but the views are stunning.

At 3:57 AM, Blogger curtis03 Lewis said...

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