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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More on the Florida Market

On Saturday, Elise Bernard (Frozen Tropics) and I joined forces to explore a bit more deeply the Florida Market area. I wrote about it in August. Elise took a bunch of photos and wrote about this little expedition. There are more photos posted in her flickr site.

There's an area we didn't get to, immediately behind the cinder block building of the Wholesale Farmers Market, because we were running out of time.

me, at Young's deliMe, at Young's deli, on the 300 block of Morse Street NE. Despite Elise Bernard's best efforts, I don't photograph well. But you see, the food looks pretty good, so it's not her photography skills...

If people are interested in doing a Frozen Tropics-Rebuilding Place "meet up" tour of the Market area, let us know. There are a few eating options: Litteri's (for great Italian subs, and we should do a comparison tasting vs. Mangialiardo's--I think Litteri's is far better); Young's Deli, which has Korean, American, and some Salvardorean food; and some food counters in the Cinder block building. I don't count Subway. It always astounds me that the Subway gets lots of customers (although it is open 24 hours) while it is only a stone throw from Litteri's which has much much better subs. The Mexican place on 5th Street seems to be closed on Saturdays.

Farmers Market and Flea MarketFarmers Market and Flea Market. Photo by Elise Bernard.


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