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Saturday, August 05, 2006

The New K-Young's Deli

The New K-Young's Deli
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(The sign on the building has a different phone number and the addition of a "K-" before Young's.)

Young's Deli in Florida Market closed last month, and I lamented this greatly, because there isn't a place for quality and relatively inexpensive Korean food in the greater area (there is another cafeteria in the Florida Market that sells Korean food, but I don't think the food is as good--cheaper, but less food, and not as well presented or as tasty).

Yesterday, while taking a journalist around some of the warehouse areas in Northeast DC, including the market, we happened upon the "grand" opening of "K-"Young's deli.
Food at K Young's
The food looked great, but we had already eaten. I hope to get there later today. Note that they close at 2 pm (Young's stayed open til 4 pm) but they open at 5:30 am.
The prices are a bit higher at K-Young'sThe prices are a bit higher at K-Young's.

Welcome to K-Young's

The same building, before the present proprietorship.
Young's DeliThe king is gone but he's not forgotten...


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