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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Congresswoman Doris Matsui introduces Federal Complete Streets Legislation

It likely won't get passed during this Congress, but change takes time. It's important to put this idea out there. In the meantime, similar initiatives should be passed at the state level, which should impose these requirements on county and city transportation/DPW agencies as part of the agreement covering the receipt of state and federal transportation monies.

But... it shouldn't just be a transpo/DPW requirement, but for all of government. For example, if government facility siting policies are weighted towards automobile access, Complete Streets concepts are defeated from the outset.
From email:

Congresswoman Matsui Introduces Safe and Complete Streets Legislation: Policies Would Create Safer Roads for Bicyclists, Pedestrians, Seniors, Schoolchildren and Motorists

Today, Congresswoman Doris Matsui (D-CA) introduced the Safe and Complete Streets Act of 2011, legislation that would require each state's department of transportation and metropolitan planning organization to put in place a Complete Streets policy that ensures all Federally-funded transportation projects accommodate the safety and convenience of all users. Complete Streets policies ensures roadways are built with all users in mind - including bicyclists, public transportation vehicles and riders, motorists, freight vehicles, and pedestrians of all ages and abilities. This bipartisan legislation is cosponsored by Congressman Steven LaTourette (R-OH).

-- Copy of proposed bill

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