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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Multi-use public building in West Hollywood, California

In West Hollywood, the new "library" also has a coffee shop, bookstore, a children's theater, and the city's Council Chambers. See "West Hollywood Library's new edition" from the Los Angeles Times.

From the article:

The roughly 32,000-square-foot library — six times larger than the old one — will celebrate its official opening Saturday. The library is the result of a partnership between the Los Angeles County library system, which will operate the facility, and the city, which paid for its construction.

"Fortunately, in the wisdom of councils past, the city has been setting aside money for a rainy day for 25 years, so we have stockpiled about $80 million in a capital improvement account," Mayor John Duran said. "The building of a library is an obvious example that the city is doing well."

The library occupies the top two floors of the sleek three-story building that will also house new City Council chambers, a coffee shop and bookstore. In addition, the development will include a 400-space parking garage and an expanded city park.

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