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Friday, December 16, 2011

This holiday season make a conscious decision to make local purchases

Takoma Park commercial district promotion
Commercial district promotion, Takoma Park, Maryland.

Yes, I am as cost conscious as other people. No I don't make all of my purchases local, or spend hundreds of dollars on organic food vs. regularly grown food (e.g., last weekend I was getting a few items at a Yes Market--note that they are a good place to buy small quantities of fresher spices in bulk, as well as other bulk foods--and I couldn't believe that someone ahead of me in line spent not quite $200 on the items in her cart, which made up about 6 small to medium sized bags in total).

But I try to buy gifts at local stores, in traditional commercial districts, and from local artisans.
Downtown Holiday Market, 2011, Washington, DC

For example at Eastern Market on the weekends or at the Downtown Holiday Market which goes through next week.
Downtown Holiday Market, 2011, Washington, DC

In future years I will try to come up with gift recommendations (like for books) earlier in December.

For children I am a big fan of blocks and toy trains. I like ties with city patterns. Gift wrap with city patterns (Container Store has some nice stuff).
Vintage Christmas in the City Gift Wrap, Container Store
Vintage Christmas in the City Gift Wrap, Container Store.

This plate is available at the Homebody Store on 8th Street SE in the Barracks Row Commercial District on Capitol Hill, DC.
DC plan on a plate, by Rios Clementi Hale Studies (available from Homebody, 8th Street SE, Capitol Hill, DC)
DC city plan on a plate, by Rios Clementi Hale Studios.

Shop Local First poster, DC

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