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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Journal of Sustainable Real Estate

-- Journal of Sustainable Real Estate

Published annually online, has some interesting articles including:


- Dynamics of Green Rentals over Market Cycles: Evidence from Commercial Office Properties in San Francisco and Washington DC
This study examines the rental rate dynamics of green commercial office properties in the San Francisco and Washington DC metropolitan areas. Similar to previous studies, we find that green office properties enjoy rental rate premiums over comparable non-green buildings. Our models also suggest that green property rents may provide a hedge in down markets.

- Residential Land Values and Walkability
The aim of this paper is to determine to what extent the benefits of walkable neighborhoods are reflected in land values. We find that after controlling for population growth and lot size, land values generally increase with walkability and that this result is stable over time.

- Creative Construction: The Capacity for Environmental Innovation in Real Estate Development Firms
This paper examines three hypotheses: (1) green development adopters and their investors take a longer-term stake in projects; (2) price competition is less important than competition over quality, and (3) the developer takes greater control, especially in the provision of design and construction services.

- Location Efficiency and Mortgage Default
Using a sample of over 40,000 mortgages in Chicago, Jacksonville, and San Francisco, we model the probability of mortgage default based on differences in location efficiency.

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