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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Multiunit apartment building in San Diego will offer free solar-generated electricity

See "New apartments offer free solar power: Fenton's latest project powered by plenty of photovoltaics" from the San Diego Union-Tribune.

From the article:

Solterra, H.G. Fenton's 114-unit apartment project nearing completion in Scripps Ranch, boasts a saltwater pool, games-filled clubhouse and stand-up tanning salon. But what may prove to be the deal closer when the luxury project opens in May is free electricity to residents.

In San Diego County's first such "net-zero" energy project, enough solar power cells are being installed to produce all the energy needed for average users as well as the common areas at the 4-acre site just east of Interstate 15 at Mira Mesa Boulevard. If residents don't exceed the average use projected, they can expect a rebate check in the mail.

Company President Mike Neal said even at a time when vacancies are dropping, there is still stiff competition for landlords to attract tenants, especially in the luxury market. "We want them to choose us," he said.

I have heard of some examples of how solar-generated electricity on senior and affordable housing developments in Tempe, Arizona (Encore on Farmer) and DC (Sheridan Station), has been used as a way to fund the provision of programming and other amenities, because of the lower operations costs.

But this takes the concept to a new level.

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