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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A surprise Historic Preservation Month gift from Maney Publishing: temporary open access to the journal The Historic Environment: Policy & Practice

It's more globally focused but that's a good thing, to open up our perspectives.  In the context of DC's historic preservation plan, I am particularly interested in delving into these articles, "Urban Heritage: Putting the Past into the Future," and "Thoughts Towards a New Definition of Heritage" which address preservation practice from the standpoint of newer developments in preservation theory.

(My comments made the point that the problem with historic preservation as a discipline is once it's codified into law, it becomes more of a legal construct and less of a movement, and as a law and regulatory process it's quite static vis-a-vis advances in theory and applying those advances to new ways of practice and methods for addressing gaps in practice and the regulatory process.)

From email:

This month we are celebrating The Historic Environment: Policy & Practice as our Journal of the Month!
We are lifting all access restrictions on 3 years' worth of journal content to make it available to you free of charge until 15th June 2013!
You'll also find...
  • VIDEOPeter Hinton and Jan Wills explain the Institute for Archaeologists' pursuit of chartership
  • VIDEORoger White discusses future plans for the journal in 2014 and beyond
  • Who is qualified to manage the historic environment? by Harriet Devlin
  • Energy efficiency and historic buildings by May Cassar and Kalliopi Fouseki
  • Political philosophy, regulation, and heritage management in England and Scotland by Malcolm Cooper
  • Disaster or opportunity? Professional archaeology and the cuts by Peter Hinton
  • Bridging the gap between archaeology and the built environment by Roger White
Enjoy it while you can, and share with friends and colleagues!

Remember, all of this content is only available until 15th June, so make the most of it while you can! And please do forward this email onto friends and colleagues who may be interested.

Videos:  this video features the journal editor discussing the plans for the journal in 2014 and beyond.

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