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Monday, February 03, 2014

Jan Gehl at the National Building Museum on Monday February 3rd

There is a very nice article in the Guardian, Interview: Jan Gehl on London, streets, cycling and creating cities for people that might be an "abstract" of what he'll be talking about, although the presentation focuses on his newest book.

Talk and Book Signing:
Livable Cities for the 21st Century

National Building Museum
Washington, DC
Monday, February 3, 6:30–8 pm

"At the heart of the best urban design projects is a deep understanding of how people actually use urban spaces. Architect Jan Gehl and public space expert Birgitte Svarre, co-authors of How to Study Public Life, offer principles and research to guide the study of public life in urban settings and how to use the findings to create livable, safe, sustainable, and healthy cities."

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