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Monday, March 17, 2014

DC Environmental Film Festival, March 18th - March 30th

The DC Environmental Film Festival starts tomorrow and runs til March 30th.  There are a couple hundred films, showing throughout the city at a variety of venues.  I am impressed that one set of short films will be making the rounds of various DC Library branches.

Some films stand out for me.
  •  Gringo Trails, Wednesday March 19th, on the impact of the tourism industry on the environment ("Gringo Trails: Is tourism destroying the world?," CNN).
  • Human Scale, Wednesday March 19th, on high-quality urbanism, featuring Jan Gehl.
  • Sand Wars, Thursday March 20th, the use of sand as a building material, beach mining, etc.
  • Rebalancing, Friday March 21st, on bike sharing in DC.
  • My Brooklyn, Friday March 21st, gentrification and neighborhood change.
  • Fishing the Anacostia, Friday March 21st.
  • Tiny: A Story About Living Small, Friday March 21stSmall house living.
  • Spat: Bringing Oysters Back to the Chesapeake Bay, Saturday March 22nd.
  • Shored Up,  Saturday March 22nd.  Superstorm Sandy, storm impact on NJ and North Carolina.
  • Ocean Frontiers IISaturday March 22nd.  Planning for multiple uses of the sea in New England.
  • Slums: Cities of TomorrowSaturday March 22nd.
  • Berlin: Symphony of a Great City, Saturday March 22nd.  Berlin in the 1920s.
  • Power to the Pedals, Sunday March 23rd.  Cargo bike use.
  • Extreme Realities, Sunday March 23rd.  Extreme weather.
  • Helsinki Music Centre: Prelude, Tuesday March 25th.  Constructing the facility and the controversies involving the project.
  • Tokyo's Belly, Tuesday March 25th.  Feeding and servicing the city.
  • Venice SyndromeTuesday March 25th.  Impact of Tourism on the City.
  • Ecotopia: Eco Cities, Wednesday March 26th.  Hamburg and Shanghai.
  • The Legacy of Jane Jacobs, Wednesday March 26th.
  • Growing Cities, Wednesday March 26th.  Urban agriculture.
  • Food Savers, Wednesday March 26th.  Reducing food waste.
  • The City, Thursday March 27th.  1939, Lewis Mumford, suburbanized cities.
  • Lithium Revolution, Thursday March 27th.  Lithium batteries as the necessary element of electric-based mobility.
  • Naturopolis: New York City, the Green Revolution, Saturday March 29th.  Integrating nature and wildlife in the city.
  • Edward Hopper and the Blank Canvas, Saturday March 29th.  Hopper did a lot of city-focused painting...
  • Brooklyn Farmer, Sunday March 30th.  Urban agriculture.
  • Reviving the Freedom Mill, Sunday March 30th.  Bringing a grist mill back to life.
  • Calle Lopez, Sunday March 30th.  A street in Mexico City.



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