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Friday, March 14, 2014

Seattle creates priority parking privileges for musicians un/loading equipment

Seattle has a Music Commission and a master plan to promote musicians and the music industry. 

So it makes sense that the city is testing modified loading zone parking restrictions to accommodate musicians, in loading zones adjacent to clubs.  See "City of Seattle creates priority parking for musicians" from MyNorthwest and thanks to NotionsCapital for the tip.

-- Seattle City of Music webpage
-- Seattle Music Commission, includes link to master plan

It's a good example of something I need to include in my proposed Parking Policy and Practice Toolbox (see list of innovative practices within this entry).

However, the time limits need to be longer than 15 minutes.  It is impressive that the hours of restriction, 4 PM to 7 AM, are set to accommodate musicians, before, during and after their set, when they need to load/unload their equipment.
Making a Living Making Music infographic from the City of Music website.

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