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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Some transportation videos

1.  A video from the Rhode Island Department of Transportation makes the case for expanding and improving the Providence Rail Station as an intermodal hub, while describing similar hubs in other Rhode Island cities, and related public realm improvements.

Although the video doesn't include a link to more detailed planning documents.  And of course, I'd like more facts and figures.

-- Downtown Transit 2.0 Study
-- Providence Kennedy Plaza improvement program
-- Rhode Island State Rail Plan, 2014 (notable in that it includes freight and excursion services as well as passenger transportation)

2.  This video on pedestrian/crosswalk safety from the City of West Hollywood, California is out there, but likely well framed for its intended audience.  It's pretty funny.  But there is so much going on in the video that the underlying message could be lost.

-- Press release

3.  The dancing in the WeHo video is better than in the WMATA video promoting the new Silver Line.  I do wonder about the response to this particular ad, although I am not part of the intended audience.

4.  While I think SunRail commuter line commercials got off to a rough start, evidenced by this this commercial for SunRail in Florida ("Will SunRail ad make you want to ride train?," Orlando Sentinel, later commercials are much better.

-- Ride SunRail video feed, Youtube

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