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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Pittsburgh's new bike share system has a significantly higher membership price

A problem with bike share in terms of generating enough revenue to cover the operating costs is that the membership price--ranging from $75 to $95/year generally--isn't high enough.  Although recently the Citibike program in New York City increased its annual membership fee to just under $150.

Systems like in DC come a lot closer to profit because itinerant users (tourists) don't fully understand/or care about racking up high charges for using the bike longer than 30 minutes.  Regular members generate little additional revenue from hourly charges.

The Healthy Ride bike.  Image: Michael Lynch, WESA/NPR.   

Healthy Ride, the new bike sharing program in Pittsburgh, will charge members $12/month ($144/year) for unlimited rides up to 30 minutes and $20/month ($240/year) for unlimited rides up to 60 minutes in duration.

This is double the membership fee for the DC system.

-- "Bike-sharing program to begin in Pittsburgh next month," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
-- "Healthy Ride Bike Share Program Launches In Pittsburgh With Support From Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and Allegheny Health Network," press release

The system involves some federal transportation funding along with sponsorship from Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shielf (a health insurance company) and the Allegheny Health System (which recently merged with Highmark).

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