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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Historic Preservation Tuesday: This Old Warehouse event, Sept. 12th, Community Forklift, Edmonston, Maryland

Community Forklift, a building materials "thrift store," focusing on building materials recovery and resale is holding a special event on Saturday September 12th, 2015. It sounds pretty interesting. (I was on the board of CF from something like 2003 til last year.)

THIS OLD WAREHOUSECelebrating Old Homes and the Folks Who Love Them10am – 3pm, September 12, 2015

Live Bands:
Enjoy old-timey music from Jacob Panic, Sweet Back Papas, Rodeo Motel, and DJ Right.

Great Grub:
Urban Bumpkin BBQ is a modern rolling cuisine that combines Asian, Native Alaskan and Russian dishes with American smoking traditions and unique bang'n flavors. They say, "Some may call it the identity crisis menu, but it's definitely the epitome of melting pot 'Murica!"

Meet the Experts:
Learn about preservation grants, rebates, local restoration companies, and more. We'll have a ton of folks here to share useful info, including:
- Maryland Milestones/Anacostia Trails Heritage Area
- Preservation Maryland
- Historic Roofing Company
- Wagner Roofing
- Prince George's County Office of Historic Preservation
- The Prince George's Memory Project

Appraisal Advice:
Ever wonder whether Grandma’s knick-knack is worth anything? Sarah Reeder, a specialist at the Potomack Company, will be here to offer advice about antique appraisal. Her particular areas of expertise are mid-century modern design and decorative arts. Individuals with items outside of Ms. Reeder's areas of expertise are welcome to bring their items and she will document them to be evaluated later by her colleagues.

Free Workshops:
10am- Understanding Your Electrical System
by Steve Palmer of Stephen Palmer Electric, Inc.
Familiar with all types of wiring, dating back to the late 19th century, Steve will be sharing tips to troubleshoot and assess electrical safety in old homes.

12pm- Capturing Our Legacy With Home Movies and Photographs
by The Prince George's Memory Project
Makarah and Matt will explain the Memory Project and give an overview about collecting and preserving home movies and photographs. They will also show clips from some of their collected historic materials.

1pm- Harvest Farm Tour
by Deb Wren, Head Farmer at ECO City Farms Edmonston
Join us for a crisp neighborhood walk and a fall harvest tour of ECO City Farms. See the autumn setting in on the farm and enjoy some fresh air and nature right in the heart of the Port Towns.

2pm- Restoring Historic Windows
by Stephen Ortado of Historic Structures
An expert in conserving, restoring and reproducing period window styles from the early eighteenth century to the early twentieth, Stephen will introduce you to basic maintenance and repair techniques for your old windows.

Thanks to our Sponsor:
Thanks to the National Association of Remodeling Industries Metro DC Chapter for making this event possible!


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