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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A "Night Before Christmas" holiday poem from the Preservation Alliance of Baltimore County

From email:
Just because it is old doesn't make it 'historic'
The front door's been moved, the columns aren't doric.
No one of importance has ever lived there.
To stop a developer just would not be fair.

It is surrounded by townhomes and doesn't fit in.
To leave that old building would just be a sin.
Who wants to live in a mill house so small
We'll build a McMansion and a new outdoor mall.

We need much more parking and the streets are too slim.
More impervious surfaces, storm drains will be put in.
The doors are too narrow, they are not up to code.
Much cheaper to demo this humble abode.

In 2017 let's hope we stand strong
Let's fight for our history that makes us belong.
Old structures tell stories, show skills that are lost
It is well worth the effort - we can't pay the cost.

This year the Preservation Alliance of Baltimore County has been facing many preservation battles, from the loss of the Bel Loc Diner ("Bel Loc Diner in Baltimore County to be torn down and replaced by a Starbucks") and a campaign to to save the Bosley Mansion ("New date set for hearing on historic designation for Presbyterian Home," Baltimore Sun), which was the house of Dr. George Bosley, who donated to Baltimore County the land in Towson that serves as the County Government Center, Courthouse, and Jail.

Some historic preservation organizations as a community pride and fundraising program, have an annual Christmas ornament program, featuring historic buildings and sites.

In Bel Air, Maryland, it's done with the participation of the city's Historic Preservation Commission.



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