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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Maybe a Rave Train could reboot WMATA's weekend ridership

cf. the Chicago L Christmas Train


In "Setting the stage for the Purple Line light rail line to be an overwhelming success: Part 2 | proposed parallel improvements across the transit network," one item suggests creation of a specially discounted weekend day pass, modeled after Melbourne, as a way to rebrand the service. From the article:
15. Create a cheap weekend pass to use the local transit network, especially Metrorail.

Right now, weekend subway service is abominable. No wonder ridership has declined so precipitously.

In association with the eventual fixing of the system to a state of good repair and the launch of the Purple Line as a way to rearticulate and integrate transit service and improvements to the transit network, the DMVTA and in particular Metrorail+Purple Line Light Rail should implement a cheap weekend pass.

The model is Melbourne. On weekends and public holidays the equivalent of a full day transit pass is $6. A WMATA Day Pass is $14.50.

Note that Melbourne has other fare programs focused on transit encouragement rather than revenue generation. The night-time fare is $4.10 total from 6 pm to 3 am, and if you ride transit early in the morning and your end-to-end trip finishes before 7:15 am the trip is free.

This is more about rewarding riders for putting up with service degradation for many many years, but why not do it?
The Irish Times reported ("Police break up rave on London Underground") on a "Rave Prank" on the London Underground. From the article:
Police broke up an underground rave with a difference after a party with lights and a sound system started on a Tube train. A video uploaded to Youtube showed revellers dancing to drum ‘n’ bass music in a carriage on the northbound Bakerloo line service through central London on Monday night.

The stunt by internet pranksters Trollstation featured a performance by collective member DJ Dicsoboy and MC Harry Shotta. The six-minute film showed the party in the carriage as the train travelled from Embankment to Paddington, where British Transport Police (BTP) officers shut down the good-natured event.



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