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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Placemaking at Metrorail stations

Flower boxes at the Brookland-CUA Metrorail station, on the CUA side (west side station exit)
Flower boxes at the Brookland-CUA Metrorail station, on the CUA side (west side station exit).

I presume these have been put up by Catholic University, not WMATA. They've been up for a few months.

Also see "Transit, stations, and placemaking: stations as entrypoints into neighborhoods" and "Thinking systematically about bus transit service improvements: spurred by Columbia SC, Edmonton AB, and Baltimore."

I've been thinking we need more systematic "Adopt a Place" programs in DC:

-- bus stops
-- transit stations
-- streams
-- trails
-- trailheads
-- semi-abandoned park triangles

I've gotten into the habit lately of a couple times a month, picking up trash and recyclables around the Rhode Island Avenue Metrorail Station MBT trailhead, plus I've decided to put exclusively at the Little Free Library that is there at the trailhead my "discard" books and magazines.

San Francisco's "Green Benefits District" is a way to create a means to self-tax at the neighborhood scale for such improvements ("In S.F.'s Dogpatch, innovative plan to pay for park upkeep," San Francisco Chronicle).

More on these topics later.

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