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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Bicycle with four rear tail lights, at the Silver Spring Library

I saw this bike at the Silver Spring Library the other week, and I was really impressed with how well appointed with lights is the rear of the bicycle.  It makes sense to have lights on both the seat post and the fender.  (His fender was set up with that as standard equipment.)  And on saddle bags if you have them.  All it needs is a turn signal set up.

Bicycle with four rear tail lights, at the Silver Spring Library



At 7:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too much crap to carry around. I have a front and rear light. Even that means that if I stop anywhere for any period of time in a crime ridden city, I have to take them with me. Which also means I have to carry along a backpack or pannier. The beauty of a bike is simplicity and spontaneity. I usually don't even wear a helmet anymore because my typical ride is short and slow on low-stress streets. If I wear a helmet (to work) it completely messes my hair up after 5 minutes. Which means I have to carry styling products and tools with me, or keep them at work and spend extra time getting primped again in the bathroom before showing my face. Some people are aghast. Admitting you don't wear a helmet to some people is socially like saying you have an STD, enjoy unsafe sox, and never tell your partner. Please for the love of gid no turn signals, or rearview mirrors. If those are mandated, whats the point? Just buy a motorcycle, walk, take transit, or enjoy a private air conditioned car. You lard up a bike with all that crap and there is no appeal and the genius of a bicycle is gone.


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