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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

National Freeway Free Speech Weekend Scheduled for Sept 2nd-4th

Press release:

National Freeway Free Speech Weekend Scheduled for Sept 2nd-4th
Signs with Political Messages to be affixed inside Freeway Overpasses nationwide

This Labor Day weekend, Americans will be posting signs with political messages on the inside of freeway fences.

Since people travel on freeways and highways in numbers larger than ever, this simple act allows their voices to be heard, or at least seen, by thousands.

A form of local, meaningful action, people will be flexing their free speech by making signs that abide by our First Amendment (non-commercial, non-threatening, and cannot advocate for violence, political or otherwise) and securing them across America.

· WHO: The American Public, expressing their political opinions en masse

· WHAT: A free speech event wherein people will create large political signs, and safely hang them along freeway fences and overpasses

· WHERE: Communities across America

· WHEN: Labor Day weekend, September 2-4, 2017

· WHY: With the heated rhetoric happening among our politicians, media, and even family and friends, many feel unheard. But, National Freeway Free Speech Weekend gives people the opportunity to easily, quickly, and effectively make a statement.

Signs along highways and freeways reach thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands) in an effective, safe way. Now, more than ever, it is our duty to use free speech responsibly and be empowered by this constitutional right.

Participants must ensure they create and affix signs safely (DIRECTIONS).

Examples of signs that have been posted in the past.

If you plan on participating, please respond with what city you will be representing and forward photos of your sign(s) to or post on Facebook to be featured in the Freeway Blogger Blog.

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