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Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space

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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Preservation Maryland's Preserve Cast podcast program

I don't seem to be great at multi-tasking with intelligent talk radio and am more likely to listen to radio in a car, meaning I don't listen to radio very much.  So the podcast phenomenon has mostly passed me by, even though I think the Podcast Garage in Allston, Boston is a neat best practice in arts media and culture.

It turns out that Preservation Maryland has a podcast program called PreserveCast, and I have to say it's very good, covering a wide range of topics by no means "limited" to Maryland, including interviews with people around the country who have expertise in areas that "Maryland" preservationists can learn from.

I didn't know about it but it was mentioned in a Preservation Maryland blog entry about the publication of a new book on the history of US Highway (Route) 1 between Washington and Baltimore, by Aaron Marcavitch, director of the Anacostia Trails Heritage Area in Prince George's County.

Last year, they did an episode on the ATHA:

-- PreserveCast Ep. 24: Diners, Dueling Grounds, and Dives: Roadside Architecture and the Anacostia Trails Heritage Area

I thought it was very good and it makes me want to explore the full list, which is now more than 60 episodes.

It turns out they got a National Park Service grant to develop the program.

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