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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Preservation Virginia releases 2018 Most Endangered Historic Places list

As mentioned in other writings, some preservation groups leverage National Historic Preservation Month by using that month to release their annual listing of endangered properties.  Preservation Virginia just did so.

Their webpage includes links to previous year's lists.  The list of 11 properties includes a discussion of how PV uses thematic listings:
to keep you informed about our ongoing advocacy work and highlight different types of resources, like historic African American schools, and longer-term threats, such as utility infrastructure projects.
The list:
  • Utility Infrastructure Proposals and Review Processes
  • Historic Barns of the Shenandoah Valley
  • Historic Properties Affected by Recurring Flooding Statewide
  • Afton Inn (Front Royal)
  • Village of Aldie (Loudoun County)
  • Boydton Institute (Ashland)
  • Carr-Greer Farmhouse (Charlottesville)
  • Grace Heritage Center (Western Loudoun County)
  • Green Pastures (Longdale) Recreation Area (Clifton Forge)
  • Roanoke Fire Station No. 7
  • Sandy Level F&P Depot (Pittsylvania County)
Plus they produced a great infographic with some interesting analysis of endangered places, including the types of threats, how properties were saved, and why sites were lost.

Preservation needs more infographics!

(Historic) Preservation Virginia infographic on Most Dangered Properties list

Examples, (Historic) Preservation Virginia infographic on Most Dangered Properties list



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