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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Toronto Streetcar as mural

Toronto is replacing its unique streetcars, the CRLV or Canadian Light Rail Vehicle, with more traditional light rail style vehicles.  In honor of the history of the CLRV as a workhouse of Toronto's transit system, one of the last vehicles has been repainted as a mural.

From the Toronto Star article "TTC marks the end of a streetcar era with a splash of colour:
As the TTC gets ready to retire the last of its older model streetcars, a group of artists is ensuring at least one of the creaking vehicles goes out in style.

Thanks to an art project orchestrated by a local charity called CityFund, the Toronto Transit Commission will unveil one of its iconic Canadian Light Rail Vehicles (CLRVs) with an eye-popping new look later this week.

The revamped rail car, which the TTC plans to put into regular service until the CLRV fleet is decommissioned at the end of the year, will be hard to miss.

Toronto-based mural artist Jacquie Comrie has replaced Car No. 4178’s familiar red-and-white livery with dazzling tropical colours that will stand out against any city backdrop.
Streetcars at Yonge and King Streets, Toronto
TTC streetcar stop at Yonge and King: on the left is a CLRV, on the right, the new streetcar vehicle. (STEVE RUSSELL / TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO)

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