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Friday, December 02, 2005

Seattle neighborhood looks forward carefully, lessons for us?

Compared to the neighborhood described in this article, my neighborhood is experiencing twice as much development of housing, as well as other projects, and the loss of a fair amount of historic building stock. Plus there are no design requirements and many of the projects eagerly seize upon the lack of design review to do pretty lousy work....

From the article, "Ballard hopes its old spirit can endure condo onslaught," from the Seattle Times:

Seattle neighborhoods have a tendency to kick and scream over changes brought about by growth. Not so in Ballard, where skies these days are bursting with cranes of the non-fowl variety. ithin a square mile of the main shopping area, nine condo or apartment buildings and a hotel are under construction or in the early planning stages.

Neighborhood leaders, who could be hunkering down, instead have chosen to look forward. While resolute about maintaining community character, they are equally adamant about making the best of these staggering truths:

• Since 2001, more than 450 new condominium or apartment homes have been built in and around Ballard's downtown core.
• Over the next two or three years, another 1,000 or so will open.
• The city recently sold two surplus library parcels to developers who plan to build even more multifamily housing.
• A 175-room hotel also is in the works

Community Walk Map - Housing Development along the east side of the Union Station Railyard
Community Walk Map - Housing Development along the east side of the Union Station Railyard, Washington DC


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