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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another indicator that the city's recycling agenda needs to be much more robust

While it's better to recycle than to just throw "trash" away, recycled trash is still trash. Image from the San Francisco Weekly.

The Washington Post seems to want Adrian Fenty back as mayor. See "Fenty bounces back in popularity, new poll shows." This shouldn't be a surprise as the paper's editorial pages were his biggest cheerleaders. There was plenty wrong with him, and I wouldn't have voted for him if there were better candidates.

What's sad is how mediocre the city's political culture really is. As the more astute commenters on the Post article said, Fenty rode Anthony Williams' coat-tails. And if the Post had been as diligent in covering the problems and failures and corruption of the Fenty Administration as they are in covering the Keystone cops escapades of the current administration, the polling results would likely be different.

As I wrote in January 2010, "what makes 'anybody but Fenty' people believe that if they elect someone else, that things will be any different?"

It's the system which produces the individuals, and in turn the politicos continue to reproduce the system.

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