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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beautification effort on Connecticut Avenue

The GGW/BeyondDC entry "Could Longfellow Triangle be more of a real park?," reminds me that I meant to blog about the Golden Triangle BID's program, in association with DDOT, to add flowers and plants to the median on Connecticut Avenue.

I am not sure how many blocks they plan to go, e.g., it's between K and L Streets now and is supposed to be extended to M Street I believe.
New planted street median, Connecticut Avenue, between K and L Streets

This is the next block up (between L and M Streets) and not unlike what the block depicted above looked like before.
street median, Connecticut Avenue, between L and M Streets

Atlanta's Buckhead District (called the Buckhead Collection) Greenspace Action Planning effort is a model of what DC's business improvement districts could be doing in terms of developing more robust plans and actions for a higher quality public realm.

-- Buckhead Collection Greenspace Action Plan
-- Livable Buckhead

DC doesn't have a master plan for parks and open spaces (although there is a parks and open space element in the Comprehensive Plan). Such a plan should drill down to areas/districts/sectors/neighborhoods, which isn't how DC does planning.

However, the Columbia Heights Public Realm Framework plan and planning DC Office of Planning has done for Mount Vernon Triangle, represented by the Mount Vernon Triangle Action Agenda gets closer to this.

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