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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Being direct in advertising: pedestrian safety

I don't think this ad is very good. It's too stylized to really communicate much about safety at crosswalks.
Street Smart Pedestrian safety ad, high heels
One of the biggest pedestrian safety problems is the failure of motor vehicles to stop at crosswalks. Perhaps, the biggest problem is on multi-lane roads, when a car, seeing a pedestrian, stops at the crosswalk, drivers in other lanes think the driver is doing something stupid rather than recognizing they are stopped for a pedestrian, and proceed, endangering people.

Maybe all this ad needs is a much better tagline about stopping for pedestrians at crosswalks, but the ad in and of itself, is insufficient.

Corinna sent me a chain email with a bunch of creative wrap ads on transit buses. I like these ones about pedestrian safety and buses. I have no clue where the ads are from.
Creative bus wrap ads, rider safety

Creative bus wrap ads, stepping in front of a bus kills
Well, maybe this ad isn't all that creative, but it is direct.

Speaking of some great sustainable mobility promoting ads, the Bike Walk Move program in Greater Minneapolis (funded in large part through a massive demonstration grant from the US DOT back when James Oberstar was in Congress) has some good ones for bus shelters. See "“Bike Walk Move” campaign aims to get more people moving."

Biking promotion ad, bus shelter,  Bike Walk Move program, Minneapolis

Walking promotion ad, bus shelter,  Bike Walk Move program, Minneapolis

Cost of a car, Bike Walk Move program, Minneapolis

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