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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Threat of relocation to Los Angeles hangs over communities unwilling to fund new football stadiums

So says San Diego Union-Tribune columnist Nick Canepa, in "NFL using L.A. as wedge to get stadiums built elsewhere."

From the article:

The effort to get the Vikings a new stadium had expired until Roger (who strangely took along Steelers boss Art Rooney instead of Tim Tebow) visited St. Paul to meet (read strong-arm) the Minnesota state legislature and Gov. Mark Dayton. 

After Goodell’s sermon, the senate committee Friday narrowly approved a public subsidy to aid in the building of a new, football-only stadium. Of course this thing’s finish line can’t be seen, but the Vikings will play another season in the Metrodome, despite an expired lease. 

Interestingly, the possibility of moving the franchise to Los Angeles was discussed, although L.A.’s movement toward a new stadium is constipated. But L.A. hardly stands as the elephant in this new stadium room. “There is no ultimatum, but we did clearly talk about L.A.,” Minnesota Sen. Julie Rosen said. “We clearly did talk about that as an open market.”

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