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Thursday, July 12, 2012

("You") Made the cover of Transportation Research News

I have not been a fan necessarily of the Pennsylvania Avenue NW in-the-middle-of-the-street cycletrack, not because it doesn't work, and it is getting used more, but because it was done in a place that most bicyclists don't really use, although with the US Capitol in the background, it's a very visible and prominent pro-bicycling piece of infrastructure.
May-June 2012 Transportation Research News with cover photo of Pennsyvlania Avenue NW cycletrack, taken by me

But on Bike to Work Day on Friday May 18th, 2012, you wouldn't have known that  the lanes are often lightly used, because with all the people going to and from one of the pit stops at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center (it was supposed to be on Freedom Plaza I think), the lane was packed.

Maybe not to the point where you'd think DC is Copenhagen or Amsterdam, but we made a fair showing nonetheless.

I took a bunch of photos, including one that made the cover of the May-June issue of Transportation Research News, which focuses on Active Transportation (walking and biking).

The reality is that cycletracks do make a big difference.

At the right time of day, use of the 15th Street NW cycletrack makes me believe that DC, at least in the core of the city, has the potential to significantly increase mode share of bicycling for all trips, upwards of 20%.

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