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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Union Market district and wayfinding

Explore Florida Market directory and history signageSpeaking of cultural interpretation and wayfinding ("Florida Market proof of concept wayfinding signage and the need for a wayfinding conference"), Christopher Taylor Edwards and I made a couple of "proof-of-concept" wayfinding signs for the Union Market district a few years ago, although they never were fabricated and installed.

- Florida Market Map & Directory
- Florida Market History Sign

The renewing market district is definitely in the need of wayfinding signage--the challenge will be to get people from NoMA/the subway station to the hip Union Market building through the "unhip and gritty" area, and to move people around the district to the other interesting places, ranging from V-Nine's Thai and Chinese food stuffs, to the produce rooms at Sam Wang and David's Farms (formerly Kang Farms and MS3000), the on-site tofu makers, the Halal meats at Caribbean Crescent, African foods at Obeng International Food and All-African Food Store, the extremely well-priced produce at Mexican Fruit, the Korean restaurants, and the Italian food market, Litteri's (I still think their sandwiches are better than Taylor Gourmet).

... and I need to talk with them about this.

New and old
Top photo: The new market interior @ Rappahannock Oyster Company.  Bottom photo: the old Rabbi Payless booth at the old "DC Farmers Market" building

Rabbi Payless meats, Florida Market

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