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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Two more biking things

I forgot to mention how in Arlington, someone was recently sentenced to 12 years for repetitively stealing bikes.  See "Arlington bike thefts net man 12-year sentence" from the Post.  The issue isn't so much that they take bike stealing seriously, something that I wish more jurisdictions, especially DC, would do.

It's more about how in the Center City, we have a version of what Daniel Patrick Moynihan called "defining deviance down" and so-called minor crimes like stealing bikes aren't treated very seriously, in the face of other more serious crimes like murder and assault.

In the outer jurisdictions, where generally the police and courts have less crime to deal with, all crime, even so-called minor crimes like bike theft are taken more seriously ("Arlington County bike thefts spike, regional effort launched" from WTOP) and people can end up with serious jail time when compared to the same offense being performed in DC.

2.  Also, in the previous entry I mentioned a scooter permit fee in Rehoboth Beach.  It turns out legalizing scooter parking on the sidewalk has also come up in Philadelphia.  See "PPA gives scooters owners a break" from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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At 11:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the DC police do basically zero to catch bicycle- or even motorcycle theives- cars are a different matter- usualy they are higher value than bicycles or motorcycles- but again- the DC police seem to prioritize . I attribute some of this to a suburban mindset- and that very , very few DC police actually live in the city and know the problems inherent or of real concern to residents. They go after big time murderers or drug kingpins and all of the DC cops want to be seen in big parades whenever a new president or crew comes into the city. DC needs to push for incentives to get police to live in the city- offering cut rate apartments or loans favorable to those who move here and settle in. I never see DC plates on any of the substation personal cars in our substation at Marion Park. It is all SUVs with mostly Maryland tags.

At 3:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

also- I have heard that the DC police maintain a large warehouse in SW DC that has hundreds of stolen bicycles- this does not seem to be any kind of priority to them to get these bikes back to their owners. It does not make any sense. I keep hearing about this warehouse and never see anything from the cops indicating that it even exists.


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