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Friday, March 28, 2014

Playing hardball in the DC Mayor's race

Vincent Gray hired a bombastic sort to run his campaign (Chuck Thies, I don't know him, only by reputation) because after the allegations of illegality still hanging over him from the 2010 campaign, he couldn't find a more "reputable" or genteel person to run things.

I imagine it was his idea to run the advertisement slamming Muriel Bowser on the cover of today's Express.  It's worthy of the pithy headline covers of New York City's tabloid newspapers and takes campaigning in the city to a new and more coarse level.

It's a sign of desperation, probably pre-planned, but seemingly a last minute response to the most recent polling numbers that handicap the race as between  Bowser and Gray, with the momentum swinging to Bowser, who is seen as having a 3 point lead. 

See "In DC mayor poll, Muriel Bowser surges against wounded incumbent Vincent Gray" from the Washington Post and "Bowser Gains in Race for DC Mayor Against Incumbent Gray" from NBC4.

I would say the unintended consequence of this ad will put Muriel Bowser comfortably ahead and she'll end up framing this and displaying it on the wall of her Mayoral offices next January.



At 9:15 AM, Anonymous charlie said...

well the old rule of thumb is go negative in the last week to turn off voters so they are disgusted and don't go the polls.

It is a good tactic here. Bowser needs affluent whites and they are the most susceptible to this. Low turnout helps Gray.

If TW had an ounce of sense, he'd quit right now and endorse Bowser. But he's got that infection that somehow we don't want politicians to be politicians and rather be preachers or role models.

One week left and the US Attorney still can't get an indictment. Pathetic.

At 9:50 AM, Anonymous rg said...

Coarse is an apt description. I know politics is a contact sport, but I was pretty surprised when I picked up my Express this morning. (Though I tend to agree that Bowser is kind of an empty suit, finger in the wind politician without much of a vision. Plus, she has an auto-centric world view, which does not bode well for car-free, central city households such as mine.)

I agree with you that the ad is a sign of desperation and also agree that it will likely backfire and cement Bowser's lead.


At 8:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again I agree w/ RG who sees thru the BS every time. At least Muriel is nice to look at- I will give her that- but such is not the criterior to pick our leaders. I fear that some will -those shallow enough to do so.
I throw my money in with Tommy- who at least cycles regularly and will talk with me- personally- and always listens to my concerns. Richard I know you have voiced concerns about Tommy to me- but I have also known him for years and in general he is on board with many of my own areas of interest. My only misgiving is his KowTowing to the older CH residents who do not have the city's interests in mind and want a car- centric Capitol Hill for their own convienence and do not care about the rest of us at all.


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