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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Historic Preservation Tuesday: NTHP "Preservation Tips and Tools"

While I still lament the de facto junking of the National Trust for Historic Preservation's catalog of primers, reports, studies, and books on various aspects of preservation policy, action, and practice, it turns out they have been developing a series of presentations slugged "Preservation Tips and Tools," which they have been developing and releasing on the Preservation Nation blog.

The presentations are slick and don't provide much in the way of further resources, but they are a step forward between the great no longer extant backfile of information and nothing.

I still believe there is a big hole in terms of providing actionable information that people can absorb in order to be able to take action, as I have discussed in this past blog entry, "Historic preservation month post: building the capacity for self-help and "Rehab Addict" as an example of how more could be done."

This is an example of an out-of-print and more thorough NTHP resource, How to Preserve Your Historic Home, National Trust Resource Center,  Information Sheet #1.

And this is a link to a 2003 version of the old NTHP Bookstore site, which lists the various publications on preservation issues that the NTHP had created over many years, representing a great deal of work, and creating a deep foundation for better practice.  It's very difficult to find these publications now, after the Trust's "relaunching" and "repositioning."  (Then again, these days, maybe people don't read.)

The Preservation Tips and Tools are loaded as Slideshare presentations which can be downloaded or embedded in webpages, such as is done below.



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