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Friday, October 02, 2015

A great photo showing multiple sustainable transit modes in Edinburgh, Scotland (in an article about biking policy)

Bicyclists, city bus, pedestrian, light rail, and intercity bus, all on a city street and sidewalk.

Princes Street in Edinburgh, the main thoroughfare through the city, now restricted to busses, taxis, bicycles and trams.  Photograph: Elizabeth Leyden/Alamy

From the Guardian article, "Is Edinburgh's cycling budget making the city better for bikes?"

The article discusses the environment for cycling in Edinburgh, in response to how the Edinburgh City Council directs a specific proportion of the city's transportation budget to biking.  The practice was initiated in 2012, when they the base at 5% of the budget, with a 1% increase for the next five years, to reach a target of 10% in 2017.

Contrast this to the plaudits cyclists took in Pennsylvania for getting bicycling acknowledged in the state transportation budget increase initiative a couple years ago, but with little actual funding, and the funding that was committed at the time amounted to no more than a rounding error out of a $2.5 billion fund (see the 2014 entry "Non-gasoline tax initiatives to fund transportation projects").

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