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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Cool mobility signage in Portland, Oregon

Came across some interesting stuff while looking up other things...

Portland has long had a "Go By Train" sign on its train station.  Flickr photo by sfgamchick.
Go by Train sign

That was the creative motivation behind creating a "Go By Streetcar" sign on a building in the Pearl District.  Flickr photo by Alexander J. Edmonds.
Go By Streetcar

And it was clearly the creative impulse behind the name of the "Go By Bike" shop and bike valet service located at the tram station sign.  Flickr photo by airbus777.
Go by bike (and aerial tram)!

Oregon Health Sciences University created a "Go By Tram" sign to complement the Portland Aerial Tram service and the other signs.  Photo by Randy Glary.  I like the juxtaposition of streetcar and the tram station/sign.  Above you have bikes and the aerial tram.

A taxicab company, Radio Cab, also created a sign within the theme.  Flickr photo by Julie Kelly.
Go By Cab



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