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Friday, April 22, 2016

Free use of Divvy bike share in Chicago on Earth Day

_MG_1658Flickr photo by Kyle Wilberg.

In my piece a couple days ago on Earth Day I forgot to mention that the Divvy bike share system in Chicago does sponsorship agreements where the sponsor covers one day use memberships for that day.

Last September, T-Mobile sponsored three such days and this year, for Earth Day, Naked Juice is doing so ("Naked Juice kicks off Divvy Week with free rides on Earth Day," press release).

Divvy Week is the spring time launch event to promote the bike share system.  Members joining that week may get gifts, existing members get discounts at participating shops, and the day use memberships are discounted.

In my unsuccessful sojourn trying to sell bike share systems, heavy street-based promotion of the system was part of our proposals.  It's nice to see some systems making that kind of effort.

With biking as transportation, people need assistance in making the transition and switch from other modes.  Like anything, if you don't promote it, it gets used less.

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