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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

What if "they" change a road in favor of sustainable mobility and nobody notices

The Seattle Times I wouldn't call a particularly hardcore proponent of sustainable mobility.

They favor it, sure, but they favor lower taxes a lot more, so generally they most always editorialize against Seattle-specific transportation levies and spending on transportation if it costs money, such as the recent referendum to extend and expand the transportation levy now called Move Seattle (the previous iteration had been called "Bridging the Gap").

-- "The Times recommends: Reject $930M ‘Move Seattle’ transportation levy "

Among other editorials, the paper also recommended dumping the city's bike sharing program, which is experiencing difficulties ("Give Pronto bike-sharing system to the Eastside").

So it was interesting to come across a column, "Two lanes closed on Westlake Avenue … and nobody noticed," by Danny Westneat, commenting that despite opposition to a "road diet" for Westlake Avenue, after the Seattle Department of Transportation implemented the change, but without a press release, no one really noticed, no one complained.

I guess it's in keeping with the narrative of (1) yes we favor sustainable mobility (2) so long as it doesn't involve a specific levy or tax increase.

... Similarly, now that the streetcar is running in DC we don't seem to hear very much about it that's negative, even though at this point, it doesn't go very far or connect many places.

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